Week Two: WPL Amazons VS. Beantown D2 Amazons VS. County Will Morrigans


Pictured: Marina McCuskey
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August 27, 2018

This weekend, the Twin Cities Amazons DII traveled to County Will Morrigans for their match on Saturday and WPL played against Beantown at home for their match this past Sunday.

In Fall 2017, the WPL home match against the Beantown resulted in a 18-29 loss the Amazons. This year, the match ended in a 15-15 tie the Zons.

The Zons scored their first try, conversion, and penalty kick in the first 12 minutes of the first half which was followed with a battle for possession for the remainder of the half. In the second half, Beantown tied up the score rapidly in the first 8 minutes and landed another try about 26 minutes. The game ended with the Zons scoring a try and missing the kick in the last minute of play.

Long time Amazon veteran and capped USA Eagle, Kaelene “Lunde” Lundstrum reflects on the team’s progress, “Today’s game didn’t end exactly like we wanted, but there were still many positives that came from it. There is a lot of potential and the team is playing together better each week. We tend to play together for parts of the game but need to pull it together for a full 80 minutes. I can’t wait to see where the season will lead.”
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Last year, the away match against the Morrigans resulted in a 46-5 win for DII. This year the away match resulted with a 39-0 win for the Zons.

The first half started with the Zons scoring twice in the first 10 mins. For the rest of the first half there were multiple penalties for offsides and hands in ruck for both teams. The Zons defense was solid and did not allow an opportunity for the Morrigans to score. In the second half, the Zons kicked up the intensity and scored 5 more tries before the half ended.

New addition to the Zons from the Detroit and match MVP Shaena Sparrow said, “I can’t speak for the previous game [match against the Chicago Lions] as I was not there for it, however I feel that the team connected more and more as today’s game went on. We got into a rhythm and I am excited to see where this will go moving forward in the season. We have a good potential to be the top team but everyone needs to keep working hard to accomplish that goal.”

While DII is moving forward with 5 points for standings after this weekend, WPL added 2 points from the tie bringing their total to 3 points for standings.

As the Amazons go forward to the next competition, DII will have byes for the next two weekends and WPL will be traveling to Atlanta harlequins on Saturday, Sept. 1.

D2 MVP: Shaena Sparrow
D2 Hit of the Match: Julie Bode
WPL MVP: Lanoria Duhart
WPL Hit of the Match: Sylvia Braaten

Below are the details of the point system  used for standings.


Win = 4 points

Tie = 2 points

Loss = 0 points
Score 4 or more tries in a match = 1 bonus point
Lose but score within 7 points = 1 bonus point

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