Week Three: WPL Amazons VS. Atlanta Harlequins


Photo Credit: Minchul Cho
Pictured: Megan Wolff

D2 Amazons BYE

September 4, 2018

This weekend, the Twin Cities Amazons WPL traveled to the Atlanta Harlequins while DII had a bye.

In Fall 2017, the WPL away match against the Harlequins resulted in a 3-25 win the Amazons. This year, the match ended in a 10-53 loss for the Zons.

WPL had a tough time battling Atlanta’s strong defense and heat. Atlanta pulled ahead in the first 20 minutes of the match with two tries. Newcomer Zon, Shaena Sparrow layed down a hard fought try in the middle of the 1st half. In the second half, Atlanta picked up three more tries with strong a strong performance from their number 12 Broughton and their entire backline. Unfortunately, the game didn’t finish in the Amazons’ favor but they fit in another try at the last minutes of the match.

According to long time Zon veteran Ali Gillberg, “We had lots of great individual effort and flashes of continuity, but will be working this week to put things together as a full unit in order to be ready for our match against new York. It is tough to lose, but I think it’s an experience that will motivate us to figure out what we need to do as a group to continue to improve and find our identity as a team.”

After this weekend results, both sides are stagnant for standings with DII at 5 points and WPL at 4 points.S
Watch the full Match HERE

As the Amazons go forward to the next competition, DII will have another bye next weekend and WPL will have a match at home against New York on Sunday, Sept.9 with kickoff at 11:00am at the Eagan Community Center.


WPL MVP: Em Jalosuo
WPL Hit of the Match: Rachel Lentsch

Below are the details of the point system  used for standings.
Current WPL standings can be found here. Current DII standings can be found here.

Win = 4 points
Tie = 2 points
Loss = 0 points
Score 4 or more tries in a match = 1 bonus point
Lose but score within 7 points = 1 bonus point

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