Week Six: WPL Amazons VS DC Furies


Photo Credit: Kayla Finn
Pictured: Sylvia Braaten MVP

D2 Amazons VS County Will Morrigans
September 25, 2018

This weekend, the Twin Cities Amazons had a double header at home. DII played the County Will Morrigans on Saturday while WPL were against the DC Furies on Sunday.

In Fall 2017, the DII home match against the Morrigans resulted in a 53-0 win for the Amazons. This season, the match ended in 127-0 win for the Zons.

The DII Zons constantly broke through the Morrigans defensive which consisted of only 13 players. Even with the uneven match up, there were high spirits throughout the match.

In Fall 2017, the WPL home match against the Furies resulted in a 48-19 win for the Amazons. This season, the match ended in 58-15 win for the Zons.

After an unfortunate outcome for the Zons earlier this season at DC they were eager for this rematch. The Amazons dominated the first half, with 46-0 points scored by Megan Wolf, Sylvia Braaten, Lenora Duhart, Bailey Johnson, Rachel Lentsch and Kaelene Lundstrum. The Amazons kept a consistent pace with cohesive passing lines the entire first half. Going into the second half D.C. regrouped and came back with a strong front out scoring the Amazons 15-12. 

WPL flanker and seasoned Zon, Em Jalosuo reflects on Sunday’s game, “Coming into our games this weekend, our main focus was to maintain continuity and intensity for the duration of the match. We were able to connect and execute offensively which gave us the edge in Sunday’s game against DC; but there is still work to be done. We have so much potential, and we are looking forward to putting in the hard work and connecting as a team to prepare for the rest of the season.”

Watch the Full Match HERE

After this weekend results, DII is at 15 points and WPL is up to 14 points. Current WPL standings can be found here. Current DII standings can be found under the Midwest Women’s DII West Green section here.


As the Amazons move forward, DII will travel to Scylla for their match on Saturday and WPL will travel to Beantown on Sunday.


DII MVP: Ophelia Loree
DII Hit of the Match: Katrina Anderson

WPL MVP: Sylvia Braaten
WPL Hit of the Match: Em Jalosuo

Below are the details of the point system  used for standings.


Win = 4 points

Tie = 2 points

Loss = 0 points
Score 4 or more tries in a match = 1 bonus point
Lose but score within 7 points = 1 bonus point

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