Week Seven: WPL Amazons VS Beantown D2 Amazons VS Milwaukee Scylla


Pictured: Kaelene Lundstrum
Photo Credit: Ryan Siverson Photography

October 1, 2018


This weekend, the DII Amazons traveled to Milwaukee Scylla on Saturday while WPL traveled to Boston to play against Beantown on Sunday.

In Fall 2017, the DII away match against Scylla resulted in a win for the Amazons. This season, the match ended in a 37-20 loss for the Zons.

For the DII match, the Amazons started off strong with two solid penalty trys by Rachel Afrenbrink. The Zons kept up a solid defense with some great offensive punches by Lindsey Haller, Julie Bode and Olivia Frey. After several held up try attempts with 6 minutes left in the half the Amazons missed their scoring opportunity with a half time score of Amazons 13 to Syclla 8.

The second half was a game for the forwards as Scylla’s pack dominated several mauls. The Amazons placed down one more try in the 2nd half by Ophelia Loree as Scylla racked up their points ending the match with Amazons 20 and Scylla 37. The amazons most certainly lost steam going into the second half on Saturday, but hopefully the fuel from their home field and the fans will help them bring home and win against Palmer.

Looking at previous years, Palmer has typically been a smaller sized, speed driven team. It will be an interesting match up against the Amazons who have heavy forward play. We look forward to seeing who comes out on top.

After an unfortunate loss for the DII, the WPL brought back the smiles to the Twin Cities with a motivating win against Beantown on Sunday.

In Fall 2017, the WPL away match against Beantown resulted in a 27-17 loss for the Amazons. Earlier this season, the Zons tied to Beantown 15-15. This Saturday, the away match resulted in a 52-12 win for the Zons.

For the WPL match, it was truly a battle of the forwards. Both defensive lines working hard to hold the opposition and both packs working hard to punch back. After a solid front by the Amazons defense, Beantown’s #8 Yeja Dunn managed to squeeze by and lay down the 1st try of the match. The Amazons came back with fury, having beautiful breaks by Ariana Koras and Kathryn Johnson bringing us right to the try line with a solid forward crash laid down by Shaena Sparrow.

Beantown pushed back with a strong force, shoving the Amazons down the field with a forward punch by #5 Stacy Bridges. Beantown utilized the forward momentum and #13 Kat Phelan broke through the line with a hand off to #20 Miranda Wakimoto scoring a 2nd try for Beantown. An unfortunate call on the Zons resulted in a yellow card for Kathryn Johnson deep into the 1st half. With a strong kick by Shaena for a line out, the Amazons scored a second try brought in by Kelsey Coley. Finishing the 1st half with a score of 12 – 14, with Amazons ahead.

Well into the 2nd half, Kathryn Johnson delivered a beautiful try after a pick off a scrum. Beantown came on strong after the kick pushing the Zons within 5 meter of their try line. The Amazons held Beantown and forced a turnover off a line out. The Amazons powered down field with a sold break by LaNoira DuHart, brining the Zons to Beantown’s 5 meter. #9 Rachel Lentsch scored with some shifty moves off the scrum.

Both sides struggled to keep possession, but after a beautiful hand off to Kaelene Lundstrum off the scrum and an some fancy footwork and box kick by #10 Katana Howard led to her laying down a try. Zons held possession after the kick and Kaelene got a good break and scored another try. A forward pass from Beantown resulted in a scrum down to the Amazons. Bailey Johnson with a break and some sneaky moves from Rachel Lentsch through the line led to another try for the Amazons. Sylvia Braaten received a pop with a break through the gap and successfully handing off a last second pop to Rachel for the Amazon’s final try. Ending the game with a final score of Beantown 12 to Amazons 57.
Watch the Full Match HERE

Match reflection from long time Zon and hooker, Ashley Kastendick, “Our goals going into the game vs. Beantown were to connect, finish and continue to go forward. We knew that this was going to be a battle ‘til the end and we were hungry to fight, for ourselves and for each other. I don’t think the final score reflects the true battle of the game…. We were happy with the end result but we definitely aren’t satisfied – we know we have a mountain to climb and we are looking forward to continuing that climb.”

After this weekend results, DII is stagnant at 15 points and WPL is up to 19 points putting WPL at first place for the Red conference by a one point lead. Current WPL standings can be found here. Current DII standings can be found under the Midwest Women’s DII West Green section here.

As the Amazons move forward, both sides will have their last home matches of the season this weekend. DII will play against Palmer on Saturday and WPL will play the Harlequins on Sunday. Sunday will be our Collegiate Athlete Appreciation Day, snacks and refreshments will be available!


DII MVP: Julie Bode
DII Hit of the Match: Jenn Bowen
WPL MVP: Rachel Lentsch
WPL Hit of the Match: Sylvia Braaten

Below are the details of the point system  used for standings.


Win = 4 points
Tie = 2 points
Loss = 0 points
Score 4 or more tries in a match = 1 bonus point
Lose but score within 7 points = 1 bonus point

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